how many goals have ronaldo scored in his career

how many goals have ronaldo scored in his career

Ronaldo’s Career in Goals

When we talk about footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo is always one of the first names that comes to mind. His dazzling skill, scoring ability and the trophies he has collected over the course of his legendary career make him an all-time great. But just how many goals has Ronaldo scored in his career?

Club Goals

Ronaldo has scored an incredible amount of goals during his time at club level. His career started with Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, from where he moved to England to play for Manchester United. He then moved to Real Madrid, won four Champions Leagues, before joining Juventus where he is currently in absolute evergreen form.

In total, the Portuguese superstar has scored an astonishing 646 goals for the clubs that he has played for, including 81 goals in international club competitions like the UEFA Champions League.

International Goals

In addition to his club career, Ronaldo has also scored an impressive 99 goals while playing for his country, Portugal. He is the record scorer for Portugal and was their captain at the 2018 World Cup, where they made the round of 16 before being eliminated by Uruguay. He also has two more goals in international friendly matches.

Trophies With Ronaldo

Aside from winning 7 league titles, 5 Champions Leagues and 2 international trophies, Ronaldo has racked up plenty of individual honors. He was FIFA’s Player of the Year a record 5 times and he has been the topscorer in the Champions League a record six times.

Total Goals

If we sum up all of Ronaldo’s goals from club and international matches, he has scored an impressive 745 goals in his career. This is an astonishing number, and certainly something that will be remembered for many years to come.


As an athlete, Ronaldo is a true phenomenon. His commitment and consistency has been instrumental in him being able to reach the amazing milestone of scoring 745 goals in his career, making him one of the greatest players in history.

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