how many goals has marcus rashford scored in his career

how many goals has marcus rashford scored in his career

Marcus Rashford’s Goals

Marcus Rashford is one of the most famous football players in the world and also one of Manchester United’s highest scorer. Since 2016 he has scored an impressive number of goals in his career, both for Manchester United and England.

Goals for Manchester United

Rashford has scored a total of 82 goals for Manchester United in his extraordinary career so far. This includes 58 goals in the English Premier League, 8 in the FA Cup, 8 in the League Cup, 4 in the UEFA Champions League, and 4 in the UEFA Europa League.

Goals for England

He also has a impressive tally of goals in international competition for England. He has scored 14 goals in his 33 appearances for the National team. He has scored 4 goals in UEFA European Championship qualification, 3 in UEFA Nations League, 3 in FIFA World Cup Qualification and 4 in friendly matches.

Rashford’s Extensive Goal-scoring Record

In conclusion, Marcus Rashford has accumulated an incredible 96 goals in his career thus far. He has been an integral part of Manchester United’s success and is considered one of the best strikers in the world. His impressive goal-scoring record is a testament to his remarkable talent and has made him an icon for many football fans all around the world.

Number of Goals Scored in Marcus Rashford’s Career

  • Manchester United: 82
  • England: 14
  • Total: 96

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