how many goals has leo messi scored in his career

how many goals has leo messi scored in his career

Leo Messi’s Remarkable Lifetime Goals

We are all familiar with the name Leo Messi, one of the all-time greatest soccer players, who has achieved remarkable records throughout his career. His skill and talent on the field have made him a global icon, and one of the biggest football stars of the past decades.

But have you ever wondered how many goals he’s actually scored in his career? Let’s take a look.

Goals for Barcelona

Since joining Barcelona as a youth team member in 2004 and progressing to the senior team in 2005, Messi has scored an incredible 513 goals in 600 appearances – that averages out at 0.85 goal per game!

Here is a quick breakdown of his goals:

  • La Liga: 444 goals
  • Champions League: 115 goals
  • Copa del Rey: 34 goals
  • TOTAL: 593 goals

On top of this, he’s even grabbed 72 assists in La Liga, 46 assists in the Champions League, and 11 assists in the Copa del Rey.

Goals for Argentina history.

Grand Total

Combined, Messi has scored 711 goals in 875 appearances for both club and country – that’s 0.81 goals per game!

It stands testament to his skill and ability that he has accomplished such incredible goal-scoring records, and made history in the process. As of his 32nd birthday in June 2020, it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon – so stay tuned to see how much higher he can push the bar.

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