how many games has michael jordan won in his career

how many games has michael jordan won in his career

Michael Jordan’s Wins Throughout his Career

Michael Jordan is hands-down one of the greatest basketball players of all time and his record of games won reflects that. His career wins include:

Regular Season Wins

  • 1,041 regular season wins
  • 10 scoring titles
  • 7 Eastern conference titles
  • 293 playoff wins

NBA Championships

  • 6 NBA championships
  • 2 Olympic gold medals
  • 14 All-Star appearances
  • 5 MVP awards

Michael Jordan’s remarkable career accomplishments speak for themselves, with over 1,200 games won throughout his professional basketball career. His ten scoring titles, six NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, and fourteen All-Star appearances are undoubtedly impressive achievements, and with five MVP awards to his name, Michael Jordan’s legacy on the basketball court will never be forgotten.

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