how many games has cmc missed in his career

how many games has cmc missed in his career

How Many Games has CMC Missed in His Career?

Christian McCaffrey is one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL today, and the numbers back it up. This extreme durability has been a staple of McCaffrey’s career. In four seasons, he’s appeared in all 16 games each and every single year. That’s an incredible achievement, especially considering the toll the position of running back typically takes.

Carrying The Load

The fact that McCaffrey has been able to maintain such consistent production is a testament to how seriously he takes his craft and dedication to being one of the best in the NFL. According to Pro Football Reference, McCaffrey has touched the ball 1,466 times between the regular and postseason, and has yet to miss a single game for any reason.

His Streak Remains Alive

McCaffrey’s streak of playing in every game has been impressive, to say the least, and it’s shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon. While it’s highly unlikely that he will ever miss a game due to injury, it’s still impressive that he’s managed to stay healthy and productive for four years straight.


Overall, it’s remarkable that Christian McCaffrey hasn’t missed a single game in his entire NFL career so far. Despite the typically high- Contact nature of the running back position and all the wear and tear that goes with it, McCaffrey has been able to stay healthy and play in all 16 games of each season. He should be commended for his dedication to his craft and his impressive streak of games.

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