how many fights in ufc 4 career mode

how many fights in ufc 4 career mode

UFC 4 Career Mode and Its Most Epic Fights

The UFC 4 Career Mode provides players with some of the most thrilling and compelling fights in the game. From knockdowns to submissions and all types of fight, it’s easy to get lost in the intensity of each round. Here’s a rundown of some of the top fights in the career mode:

The Ups And Downs of Training

Players will have to go through a demanding and challenging training camp before they step into the octagon to fight. From pushing their bodies to the limit in practice, to getting used to the ringside nerves, it’s no surprise that players need to prepare for the fight. This time in the gym really pays off for players though, as their characters receive bonuses to their stats that could make the difference between win and loss.

Controlling Your Fighter

Once in the octagon, it’s up to the players’ skill and strategy to take their fighter to victory. Players are able to take control of their character like never before with the overhauled movement system in UFC 4, mapped out for each different style, so there’s never a moment of hesitation as to which direction to go. Players have the ability to feel truly in control of their character in this game mode.

The Most Epic Fights

As with all UFC fights, the most thrilling part is the fight itself. Players often start off with small scale fights, but as they progress they’ll eventually reach the level of the biggest name fighters in the UFC. Here’s a list of the top five career mode fights in UFC 4:

  • The Main Event: An epic match-up between two veteran fighters show how far a player has come in their career.
  • The Kickoff Fight: The very first fight in career mode, this sets the tone for the intensity of all the other fights.
  • The Cage Fight: Taking place in a cage instead of the usual octagon, the speed and aggression changes the entire landscape of a fight.
  • The Submission Fight: When both fighters know what it takes to win, this fight turns out to be a mental battle of wits as each player looks for an opening.
  • The Title Fight: Players get to rub shoulders with the best of the best as they battle it out with a UFC Champion. This is a fight to remember.

Players in UFC 4 Career Mode get to experience multiple memorable fights that make up their career. Whether it’s the first fight of their journey or the last one before they become a champion, each match-up makes for an unforgettable experience as they work their way to the top.

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