how many dunks did michael jordan have in his career

how many dunks did michael jordan have in his career

Michael Jordan’s Career Dunks

Michael Jordan is one of the most renowned basketball players of all time. We all know him for his leaping ability and amazing dunks. But how many dunks did he have throughout his career? Let’s look at the facts.

College Dunks

During his college career at the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan put up some impressive stats in the form of dunks. He achieved a total of:

  • 232 dunks in 3 seasons
  • 143 dunks in the last two seasons

NBA Dunks

In his 15 seasons in the NBA, Michael Jordan’s dunk stats continued to rise. He achieved a total of:

  • 2,188 dunks in regular season play
  • 298 dunks in playoff games

Overall Dunks

When we add up all his dunks in college and the NBA, we see Michael Jordan has achieved an impressive 2,718 dunks throughout his legendary basketball career.

Michael Jordan continues to be an inspirational figure in the world of basketball, and it is no wonder that so many people try to imitate his famous dunks. His staggering total of dunks will be difficult to surpass for many players for many years to come.

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