how many chapters are in wwe 2k19 my career

how many chapters are in wwe 2k19 my career

How Many Chapters Are in WWE 2K19’s My Career?

The WWE 2K19 My Career mode has seen some significant changes since it first appeared in the series. Players get to create their own Superstar and compete through the ranks of the WWE. Players rise in the rankings to take on the biggest stars in the WWE and earn Hall of Fame status to become a legend. Look below to find out exactly how many chapters make up the WWE 2K19 My Career experience.

List of Chapters in My Career

  1. Chapter 1: Up From The Streets
  2. Chapter 2: Show the World
  3. Chapter 3: New Perspectives
  4. Chapter 4: The Beast Within
  5. Chapter 5: Doors Open
  6. Chapter 6: Reaching for the Sky
  7. Chapter 7: The End of The Story

Unlock Rewards

Fans of the WWE 2K series will be pleased to know that playing through the My Career mode offers some great rewards. Rewards include unlocking top Superstars and Legends, along with an array of different attires and customization options.


So there you have it – WWE 2K19’s My Career mode has seven chapters for players to navigate through. Along the way players can expect to earn rewards like big-name Superstars, customization options, and more. Have you completed the My Career mode in WWE 2K19? Let us know in the comments!

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