how many career wins does dale earnhardt jr have

how many career wins does dale earnhardt jr have

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Racing Career and Victories

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is widely known as one of the greatest NASCAR drivers in history. Over his racing career, Dale Jr. achieved numerous great accomplishments, most notably his 76 career wins.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. started his racing career in 1996 and won his first race in Texas Motor Speedway in 2000. Through the years, Dale Jr. established his legacy as one of NASCAR’s greats. He has achieved:

  • 26 Winston Cup victories
  • 13 Busch Series victories
  • 37 Xfinity Series victories

In total, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has achieved 76 career wins in both NASCAR’s National and Regional levels. Not only does this make Dale Earnhardt Jr. the most winning driver in Xfinity Series, but he is also the 6th most winning driver in the history of NASCAR.


After a long and successful racing career, Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his retirement in 2017. Since then, Dale Jr. has done a lot of great work in the racing community. He currently has his own podcast, is part of the NBC Sports NASCAR broadcast team, and owns a racing team.


Due to all his amazing accomplishments, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most iconic figures in the motorsports world. He will always be remembered for his big victories and incredible career, which ended with a total of 76 recognized wins in different NASCAR series.

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