how many career touchdowns does peyton manning have

how many career touchdowns does peyton manning have

Peyton Manning’s Career Touchdowns

Peyton Manning is one of the NFL’s all-time greatest quarterbacks. A record-breaking talent and 5x NFL MVP, Manning is arguably one of the most successful players to ever grace the field—but how many career touchdowns does he have?

Peyton Manning’s Career Statistics

Peyton Manning has:

  • Recorded 539 touchdown passes throughout his career
  • Thrown for 71,940 yards—a NFL record
  • Scored 57 touchdowns himself
  • Thrown a career-high 55 touchdowns in 2004, setting a then single-season record

Grand Career Total

Combined, these numbers add up to an incredible 596 total career touchdowns, a record no other quarterback is likely to beat in the foreseeable future.


This simply confirms what we already knew: Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. His accomplishments and records on the field leave an impressive legacy.

At the time of writing, no other quarterback has matched or broken his record of 596 total career touchdowns. A true testament to this remarkable player’s skill and success on the field.

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