how many career touchdowns does drew brees have

how many career touchdowns does drew brees have

Career Touchdowns of Drew Brees

Drew Brees has made a remarkable career by setting records throughout the years. He is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in NFL history with a plethora of awards and achievements. One of the most impressive feats of his career is the sheer number of touchdowns he has thrown throughout his career.

How Many Career Touchdowns Does Drew Brees Have?

Drew Brees currently has a total of 520 career touchdowns, making him the all-time leader in passing touchdowns. He has surpassed the likes of Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning to become the single highest touchdown thrower in NFL history. He has achieved this record in just 18 seasons and 284 regular season games.

Breakdown of Touchdowns

  • 370 Touchdowns Thrown in the Air
  • 76 Touchdowns Rushed
  • 74 Touchdowns Caught

Interestingly, Brees’ success is not just limited to passing touchdowns. He is also the record holder for receiving touchdowns, with a total of 74, and rushing touchdowns, with a total of 76. This means that out of his total career touchdowns, 520, 370 were thrown in the air!

Achievements Unlocked

Brees has achieved countless awards, records and accolades throughout his 18-year career. The most remarkable of these achievements is undoubtedly his record-breaking touchdowns. Out of the 284 regular season games he has played, Brees has thrown for at least one touchdown in 239 of them, breaking the NFL record for most consecutive games with a touchdown. He has also thrown for four or more touchdowns in a single game 25 times throughout his career.

There is no doubt that Drew Brees is an incredible talent, who will forever remain a legend of the NFL. All NFL fans should be grateful for the countless memories he has created during his extraordinary career.

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