how many career points does russell westbrook have

how many career points does russell westbrook have

How Many Career Points Does Russell Westbrook Have?

Russell Westbrook has been the driving force behind the Oklahoma City Thunder since entering the league in 2008. He has been selected to nine NBA All-Star teams and won the MVP award in 2017. Westbrook is also an eight-time All-NBA teamer, as well as a five-time All-Defensive selection. And now, with 21,477 career points, Westbrook is the all-time scoring leader for the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Russell Westbrook is not just a scoring leader, he has accomplished many other career achievements. He has won two scoring titles, making him the first player since Michael Jordan to achieve the feat. Westbrook is also the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double in multiple seasons. In addition to this, Westbrook is the leader in both career total assists and career total steals for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Scoring Leader

Westbrook is currently in his 11th season in the NBA and he has been the team’s scoring leader every year. He began his career with the Thunder in 2008 and he has been among the league’s top scorers ever since. In his 10th season, Westbrook scored his 21,477th career point, surpassing Hall of Famer Gary Payton’s previous record of 21,264 points.

The Future

Westbrook has already made history with his scoring, but he has a chance to add to his legend. He continues to show an impressive scoring ability, averaging 21.8 points per game in 2020-21. At the current pace, Westbrook has a chance to score his 25,000th career point this season. If he continues at this pace and remains healthy, he could surpass the all-time scoring leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has 38,387 career points.


Russell Westbrook has clearly established himself as a scoring leader for the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. With 21,477 career points, he stands as the team’s all-time scoring leader and he has a chance to continue this scoring run into the future. Westbrook has had an incredible career and he could be on his way to making even more history.

Career Accomplishments by Russell Westbrook

  • Nine NBA All-Star teams
  • MVP award in 2017
  • Eight-time All-NBA teamer
  • Five-time All-Defensive selection
  • All-time scoring leader for the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Two scoring titles
  • Averaged a triple-double in multiple seasons
  • Career total assists leader for the Thunder
  • Career total steals leader for the Thunder

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