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Career Points of the Famous NBA Player Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, the basketball star of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is one of the most renowned players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). With immense talent and hardwork, he has achieved a huge number of successes throughout his career, and his record for career points is no exception.

Total Career Points of Kevin Durant

As of August 2020, Kevin Durant has a total of 25,412 career points. This incredible achievement was earned over his 13 NBA seasons in the Thunder and Warriors franchises, as part of both teams’ formidable lineups.

Breakdown by Team


  • Oklahoma City Thunder: Durant earned 18,761 points while playing for the Thunder, during which time his skill and dedication resulted in 11 All-Star titles, as well as the Season MVP in 2014.
  • Golden State Warriors: Durant later moved to the Warriors franchise, where he picked up another 6,651 points and two more All-Star titles. In 2017, he earned the Finals MVP, recognizing his outstanding performance in the playoffs.

By the end of his career, Durant was listed as the 3rd most successful player in terms of career points, placing only behind LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Such a remarkable feat proves his determination, skill, and the dedication he puts into his professional sport.

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