how many career points does alexander ovechkin have

how many career points does alexander ovechkin have

Alexander Ovechkin’s Career Points

Alexander Ovechkin is known for his remarkable skills on the ice, and he has made his name a household name in the NHL. He is also known for his impressive career points. At the time of this writing, Alexander Ovechkin has over 1,150 career points, making him one of the top-scoring active players in the NHL.

Career Milestones

Alexander Ovechkin has achieved several milestones in his career points. Here are some of his most impressive:

  • 10th highest goal scorer in NHL history – 692 goals
  • 7th all-time in games played – 1,143 appearances
  • Fastest active player to 1,000 points – reached in 880 games
  • 7th Active NHL player with 1,150 or more career points

Alexander Ovechkin still has many good years of hockey ahead of him, and it’s quite likely he will score several more career points in the seasons to come. He is an inspiration to future generations of hockey players, demonstrating that hard work and commitment can pay off with great success.


Alexander Ovechkin currently has an impressive 1,150 career points and is one of the most successful active players in the NHL. He is a great example of what can be achieved with hard work and determination, and he will continue to inspire future generations of hockey players.

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