how many career passing yards for tom brady

how many career passing yards for tom brady

Tom Brady’s Career Passing Yards

Tom Brady is widely considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. As of the end of the 2020 NFL season, Brady has a remarkable amount of career passing yards which truly cement his legacy among all-time NFL greats.

Tom Brady Career Passing Yards:

  • Regular Season passing yards: 79,204
  • Postseason passing yards: 10,888
  • Overall passing yards: 90,092

Tom Brady’s regular season passing yards are the most in NFL history. Better yet, Brady is one of just four players to have surpassed the 70,000 passing yard mark for their regular season career.

The other members of this exclusive group are Peyton Manning (71,940), Drew Brees (77,416), and Brett Favre (71,838).

In addition to his regular season passing yards, Brady is also the first quarterback to ever surpass the 10,000-yard mark in the postseason. This feat is one of the major reasons why Brady is considered the greatest postseason quarterback of all time. His 10,888 career postseason passing yards contribute to his overall passing yards total of 90,092 yards.

In conclusion, Tom Brady’s career passing yards are a testament to his remarkable longevity and unprecedented success.

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