how many career interceptions does richard sherman have

how many career interceptions does richard sherman have

Richard Sherman’s Career Interceptions

The NFL cornerback Richard Sherman has an impressive collection of career interceptions. Through his placement in the league, Sherman has assembled a strong résumé of defensive prowess.

Sherman’s Career-Highs

Sherman has recorded a career-high eight interceptions in a season on two separate occasions. He first accomplished this feat during the 2013 season and then again during the 2018 season. Sherman has also intercepted six passes in a season on three different occasions, with his most recent showing coming during the 2019 campaign.


In total, Sherman has accumulated 33 interceptions so far throughout his NFL career. Here is a breakdown of his yearly interception totals since entering the league in 2011:

  • 2011: 4
  • 2012: 8
  • 2013: 8
  • 2014: 2
  • 2015: 1
  • 2016: 4
  • 2017: 2
  • 2018: 8
  • 2019: 6

Sherman became the 13th player to surpass 30 interceptions in their career and is currently 12th on the all-time interception list. As he continues to stay at the top of his game, there’s a good chance he’ll move up the ranks.

In conclusion, Richard Sherman has a total of 33 career interceptions throughout his NFL career. He’s achieved eight interceptions in a season on two different occasions and also accrued four interceptions in a season on three separate occasions. It’s clear that Sherman has an impressive defensive record, and he could move into an even higher position in the interception leaderboard if he continues playing at a high level.

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