how many career home runs does pete alonso have

how many career home runs does pete alonso have

Pete Alonso Tallies Up Expressive Home Run Record

Pete Alonso has been one of the finest power hitters in Major League Baseball over the last two years, and 2020 was physical proof of his power. In 2020, the Major League Baseball record holder for home runs in a single season was Pete Alonso, with a whopping 53 home runs. Although Alonso did not repeat his record-setting performance this season, he still tallied up impressive home run numbers.

Career Home Runs By Pete Alonso

Let’s take a look at the lifetime home run totals for Pete Alonso:

  • Season One (2019): 36 Home Runs
  • Season Two (2020): 53 Home Runs
  • Season Three (2021): 33 Home Runs (and counting)

So far, Pete Alonso has a total of 122 career home runs across his first three seasons in the big leagues. As the season wraps up, Alonso is sure to be shooting for more home runs in an aim to break his own record.

It’s clear that Pete Alonso is a powerful force to be reckoned with in major league baseball, and 2022 is sure to show even more powerful numbers.

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