how many career home runs does miguel cabrera have

how many career home runs does miguel cabrera have

Miguel Cabrera and His Impressive Career Home Run Count

Miguel Cabrera is an MVP-winning baseball player with a lengthy and highly successful career. One indicator of a great career is the home run count that a player has. How many career home runs does Miguel Cabrera have?

A Look at Miguel Cabrera’s Home Run Count

Miguel Cabrera has had a successful career, clocking in a total of 429 career home runs. Cabrera has achieved this against a backdrop of eleven seasons in the major leagues, having served for the Marlins, the Tigers and the Reds.

Breaking Down Cabrera’s Home Run Count By Team

Cabrera’s career started with the Marlins, for whom he played for 5 seasons. While he was with this team, Miguel drove in a total of 95 home runs.

After his time with the Marlins, Cabrera proceeded to the Detroit Tigers from 2008-2017, a 9-season span that saw Cabrera bang the ball out of the ballpark 324 times.

In 2018 Cabrera lastly signed with the Reds and to date still plays with them. In his time with the Reds, Miggy has thus far managed 10 home runs.

Miguel Cabrera’s Place Among His Baseball Peers

Miguel Cabrera stands in the top 30 of all time career home run leaders in the MLB, ranked at number 25 at the time of his writing.

Looking at active players in the league, Cabrera is 8th place in home run count. He sits among a roster of impressive company that is made up of:

  • Albert Pujols– 667 career home runs
  • Carlos Beltran-435 career home runs
  • Adrian Beltre-429 career home runs
  • Miguel Cabrera-429 career home runs
  • Alex Rodriguez-621 career home runs
  • David Ortiz– 541 career home runs
  • Nelson Cruz– 416 career home runs
  • Adam Dunn– 462 career home runs

Cabrera’s career home run number put him in good company among other great players and is a testament to his beautiful and longstanding career in the MLB.

We can expect more to come from Cabrera in the future, as he remains an active player with the Reds, and with his impressive career home run count showing no signs of slowing down.

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