how many career hits does derek jeter have

Career Hits for Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is a retired MLB shortstop best known for his long-standing tenure with the New York Yankees. During his career, Jeter amassed an impressive number of career hits, cementing his place as one of the greatest players in the MLB.

Career Accomplishments

Derek Jeter had a lengthy and successful career in the MLB, and is the proud owner of the following career milestones:

  • 3,465 hits, the most ever by a player who played exclusively at shortstop
  • 6th most hits in MLB history across all positions
  • 283 home runs
  • 14 All-Star selections

World Series Accomplishments

Derek Jeter’s career is also defined in part by his outstanding performances in the World Series. During his career, he had the following accolades in the World Series:

  • 5 World Series titles
  • 111 hits, the most in MLB history
  • 2 World Series MVP awards
  • 20 RBIs in World Series play

Derek Jeter’s incredible career marked by a remarkable number of hits will forever remain one of the greatest feats to grace the world of MLB.

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