how many career goals does salah have

how many career goals does salah have

How Many Career Goals Mohamed Salah has?

Mohamed Salah, one of the top strikers in world football, has achieved incredible feats on the pitch. From becoming the UEFA Player of the Season to becoming the Premier League’s highest ever goal scorer, Salah has certainly set himself some impressive career goals. But just how many career goals does Salah have?

Salah’s Record So Far

So far, Salah has netted a remarkable 166 club goals, including 86 in the Premier League, 56 in the Champions League and 11 in other international competitions. He also has 21 club assists, with the majority of them coming in the English top flight.

International Career Goals

At an international level, Salah has been equally impressive, scoring 28 goals in 53 appearances for Egypt. He is currently the country’s all-time leading scorer and was a key member of Egypt’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Campaign.

What Are Salah’s Future Goals?

Salah has set himself some ambitious career goals for the future, both for club and country. He has expressed a desire to reach 200 club goals and 35 international goals. He has also stated his ambition to help Egypt qualify for the 2022 World Cup and the African Cup of Nations.


Given Salah’s current form and achievements, it is clear that he has set himself some lofty career goals. His ambitions of 200 club goals and 35 international goals are achievable, and with continued hard work and devotion to the game, it is very likely that he can reach these targets.

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