how many career goals does ronaldo have

how many career goals does ronaldo have

Ronaldo’s Career Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo, or popularly known as CR7 is the living example of a self-made man. The 34-year-old professional footballer has broken record after record with every move he has taken in his playing career.

Beginning from a humble background, the Portuguese forward has come a long way and has amassed numerous achievements throughout his journey. Arguably the greatest player of all time, Ronaldo has been relentless in setting and achieving goals.

How many Career Goals Does Ronaldo Have?

Ronaldo has created an incredible list of career accomplishments, setting an example for ambitious young players wanting to follow his footsteps. As of 2018, Ronaldo has achieved:

  • 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year
  • 5x UEFA Champions League winner
  • 5x Ballon d’Or winner
  • 7x Premier League Champion
  • 4x UEFA Nations League Winner
  • 1x UEFA European Championship Winner
  • 2x Copa América Winner
  • 1x European Golden Shoe Winner

Additionally, Ronaldo has a remarkable haul of goals to his name, boasting a staggering 667 goals in 908 appearances.. These goals include over 400 in La Liga alone, 388 in the Premier League and 115 in the Champions League.

Truly, Ronaldo has been an inspiration for aspiring youngsters looking for success. Until his retirement, Ronaldo will continue to challenge himself and strive for greater heights in his inspiring career.

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