how many career goals does lukaku have

how many career goals does lukaku have

Romelu Lukaku’s Career Goals

Romelu Lukaku is a professional football player who plays for Italy’s Inter Milan as a striker. He has a consistent track-record of playing for some of the world’s biggest teams such as Manchester United, Everton, Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion.

Past Goals

Throughout his career, Lukaku has achieved many personal goals, including:

  • An FA Cup Winner (Leicester City, 2016/17)
  • EFL Cup Winner (Manchester United, 2017/18)
  • Belgium Footballer of the Year for four years running (2013-2017)
  • Premier League Player of the Month for two months in 2017
  • BBC African Footballer of the Year in 2018

Future Goals

Lukaku has even bigger ambitions for the future, including becoming Serie A top scorer and winning the UEFA Champions League. He has already set the record of most goals ever scored by a Belgian player in the Champions League and plans to add to that number in the near future.

On a more personal level, Lukaku has aspirations to score 100 international goals. As of March 2020, he had 92 senior international goals for Belgium, with a long way to go before reaching his goal of 100.


In conclusion, Romelu Lukaku has achieved numerous goals throughout his successful football career to date, but still has big ambitions for the future. From becoming Serie A top scorer and winning the Champions League to setting a personal milestone of 100 international goals, Lukaku is determined to reach his targets.

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