how many career goals does lewandowski have

how many career goals does lewandowski have

Robert Lewandowski’s Career Goals

Robert Lewandowski is a professional soccer player with a long, incredible career of achievements. He has scored an impressive amount of goals, both in his professional career and in his international competitions. So what are
Lewandowski’s career goals?

Goals at the National Level

Lewandowski has scored an impressive amount of goals at the national level, making him one of the most successful players in Poland’s history. He is the all-time leading scorer for the Polish national team, with 55 goals in 111 appearances. He has also led his teams to several successes in the Polish top flight, winning the league four times and the cup on two occasions.

International Success

Lewandowski has also been a part of some of the best teams in Europe. He has represented his country at both the 2012 and 2016 European championships, scoring three goals in the latter. He was also a core part of the Bayern Munich team that won the Champions League in 2020. Moreover, he has won four Bundesliga titles and the Super Cup in Germany, with an additional two Super Cup titles while playing in Poland.

Career Records

There are several of career records that Lewandowski has achieved. He holds the record for most goals scored in a single season in the Bundesliga, as well as the fastest player to reach 100 goals in the German top flight. He holds the European record for most goals scored in a Champions League group stage. He is also one of just a few players to score four or more goals in a single Champions League match.

Future Goals

Lewandowski is still actively pursuing his career goals. He continues to set records and ultimately hopes to win the Ballon d’Or, one of the highest honors in the sport. He also strives to lead the Polish national team to its first ever international title. Additionally, Lewandowski wants to continue his excellent performance with both Bayern Munich and the Polish national team.

Robert Lewandowski has achieved an impressive number of career goals, both at the national and international level. He has scored an incredible amount of goals and set several records as well. As he continues to pursue his footballing career, Lewandowski has his sights set on continued success, and ultimately, the coveted Ballon d’Or.

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