how many career fumbles does lamar jackson have

how many career fumbles does lamar jackson have

Career Woes of Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has been an up-and-coming star in the NFL for some years now, however, his incredible talent and promise have been weighed down by several career fumbles. Let’s take a look at just how many career fumbles Lamar Jackson has been responsible for.

Fumble Stats

Throughout his career, Lamar Jackson has had a total of 34 fumbles, of which 20 have been recovered by the opposition. His fumble rate of 0.13 per game is actually only slightly better than the NFL average of 0.18.

Most Notable Fumbles

Despite these fairly average stats, some of Lamar Jackson’s fumbles have been more damaging than others. Perhaps the most notable was his fumble during in the 2020 NFL Wild Card Round against the Tennessee Titans. This fumble resulted in a Titans’ touchdown, helping them to a 28–12 victory.

In addition, Jackson also fumbled during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2019. The Steelers were able to recover and convert the fumble for a touchdown, making the score 26–14 and helping the team to a win.

Fumbling Troubles

The stats and examples show that Lamar Jackson is no stranger to fumble problems. Whilst the stats are not necessarily concerning on their own, they could be indicative of a larger problem. It would be wise for Jackson and his team to start looking into the causes and solutions to his fumbling troubles in order to help him reach his full potential as one of the game’s premier quarterbacks.

Fumbles Totals:

  • Total Fumbles: 34
  • Opposition Recoveries: 20
  • Fumble Rate: 0.13 per game

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