how many career 3s does draymond green have

how many career 3s does draymond green have

How Many Career 3s Does Draymond Green Have?

Draymond Green, 6’6” forward for the Golden State Warriors, is an NBA champion, All-Star, and All-Defensive Second Team honoree. He’s also a prolific shooter from beyond the arc, having hit 1,434 career 3s – good for 7th most all-time. Let’s take a closer look at his 3-point shooting and explore how exactly he’s achieved this impressive feat.

The Numbers

Green’s career 3-point shooting percentage stands at 35.6%. He has a lifetime true shooting percentage of 56.5% and 3.2 3s made per game – numbers only eclipsed by Steph Curry.

He recorded his highest 3-point percentage during the 2018-19 season, shooting 38.3%. That same season, he averaged 3.8 3s per game. And, recently in 2020-21, he was 11th in the league for 3-pointers made, hitting a total of 135 3s.

The Technique

Green has made his 3s primarily from the corners, where he drops off Miami Heat guards Goran Dragic or Tyler Herro. He then spots up for a pass and often pulls from the corner.

He also excels from midrange, hitting shots from 20-25 feet. He creates space for himself by driving and then stepping back, allowing him to slide off his defenders and pump fake before rising up for a shot.


Draymond Green is an extremely accomplished 3-point shooter. He holds the 7th place all-time for 3-pointers made and averages 3.2 3s made per game. His technique includes creating space off drives before pulling from the corner or stepping back for midrange shots. All of these factors have allowed Green to become a shooting threat from beyond the arc on one of the best teams in the league.

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