how many career 3s does draymond green have

how many career 3s does draymond green have

Draymond Green: Career 3s

Draymond Green, renowned NBA player, has a unique prowess when it comes to 3-pointers made and attempted. Here are just a few of Draymond Green’s career 3s:

Regular Season

  • 1,358 three-pointers made
  • 3,127 three-pointers attempted
  • Industry-leading 41.5% three-point shooting


  • 132 three-pointers made
  • 329 three-pointers attempted
  • Notable 40.6% three-point shooting

By these impressive stats, we can conclude that Draymond Green has a unique eye when it comes to 3-pointers. This is evident in the regular and playoffs season, yielding an incredible 41.5% shooting percentage and 40.6% respectively. These impressive shooting percentages show Draymond Green’s growth as an all-around player, and his tenacious attitude towards the game.

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