how many assists does ozil have in his career

how many assists does ozil have in his career

Mesut Ozil Career Assists

Mesut Ozil, who plays for Arsenal in the Premier League and is one of the most successful and creative midfielders in the world, has racked up an impressive total of assists across his career.

Assists for Arsenal

Ozil is currently in his sixth season at Arsenal and has played a crucial role in their recent successes. During his time with The Gunners, Ozil has made a total of 39 assists, with the vast majority of these coming in the Premier League. The majority of these assists have been created from his accurate passing and vision on the pitch, leading to goals and recognition as one of the league’s top playmakers.

Assists for Other Teams

Prior to joining Arsenal in 2013, Ozil had two very successful seasons with German club, Real Madrid. During his time with the La Liga giants, Ozil gained a reputation as one of the world’s best playmakers, making a total of 27 assists in La Liga and the Champions League combined.

Ozil also spent a season with Bundesliga side Werder Bremen, where he made 17 assists – a remarkable tally for a 20-year-old.

International Assists

Mesut Ozil is also a key member of the German national team and has made the fourth-most assists for Die Mannschaft. Over the course of his career, Ozil has made 15 assists for Germany in World Cup and European Championship matches.


In conclusion, Mesut Ozil has made a total of 98 assists across his club and international career so far. Ozil is widely regarded as one of the most creative and influential midfielders in the world and is sure to add to his impressive tally of assists in the future.

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