how many army civilian career advancement stages are there

how many army civilian career advancement stages are there

Army Civilian Career Advancement Stages

The United States Army recognizes the value and hard work that civilians bring to the organization. To recognize and reward job performance, the Army Restructured Civilian Personnel Proponency (RCPP) established a series of career advancement stages for civilian employees.

Overview of Army Civilian Career Advancement Stages

The Army’s RCCP has created five distinct stages in which a civilian can advance their career. Each advancement stage is associated with a set of competencies and responsibilities.

  • Career Entry Level: This is the initial stage, where employees are still new to the Army organization and are mainly focused on learning the job and demonstrating competence.
  • Career Growth Level: At this stage, employees are beginning to develop mastery of their assigned duties and take responisbility for their own work and may lead the work of others.
  • Career Development Level: This stage is focused on developing an employee’s technical skills and core competencies, and identifying and developing potential in preparation for higher level roles.
  • Career Management Level: Here, employees will demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply knowledge to a broad range of situations and across multiple disciplines. They are expected to have a deep understanding of their chosen field and will be able to take on leadership roles in their organization.
  • Career Sustaining Level: The highest stage is when employees have attained the pinnacle of their career and demonstrate mastery of the competencies and cumulative experiences of the previous career stages.

At each of these 5 stages, the Army rewards and acknowledges employees with higher wages and increasingly more prestigious positions. The goal of the RCCP is to ensure that jobs in the Army are challenging, rewarding, and will positively impact the organization in the long-term.

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