how long was the shortest nfl career

how long was the shortest nfl career

The Shortest NFL Career Ever

Jared Lorenzen and His Brief Career

The NFL’s shortest ever career was held by Jared Lorenzen. The quarterback played for only 3 years in total, and only 5 games in the league. His career lasted from 2004 to 2007. Despite being of incredible size and possessing a remarkable set of skills, he was never able to find a permanent place in the NFL.

Unrealistic Expectations

There were high expectations for the huge quarterback when he was heavily recruited by the University of Kentucky. He had a great college career, and expectations for his success in the NFL were further increased by his impressive stints with the NFL Europe’s Amsterdam Admirals and the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, an Arena Football team.

A Too-Short Career

Lorenzen’s career ended after being briefly signed with the Indianapolis Colts. He was on the team for less than 3 months and never got a chance to play in a game. Despite being released, he chose to stay in Indianapolis to pursue a career in the sports front office.

He ended up leaving that job to become a broadcaster for the University of Kentucky’s Wildcats football team, which he kept for 3 years until 2012.

The Legacy of Jared Lorenzen

Jared Lorenzen left behind a legacy of athleticism and tenacity despite his NFL career being too short. His professional career might have been brief, but his dedication and spirit have not been forgotten. He inspired all viewers and athletes, no matter the size of the individual.

What We Can Take Away

From Lorenzen’s story, we can take away the following lessons:

  • Height is not everything: There are no restrictions when it comes to goals in life. Anyone can achieve any goal at any size if they put in the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm required.
  • The importance of resilience: Despite being so close to reaching the peak of success, Lorenzen had to accept his career ending. He was resilient and instead chose to find a different career path.
  • Achievement is not only in success: Not everyone achieves success in the same way. Lorenzen might not have been as successful in the NFL as he was in college, but his journey and experience still proved to be very valuable in life.

Lorenzen’s NFL career might have been shorter than most, but his legacy will remain forever.

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