how long was shakespeare’s career

how long was shakespeare’s career

How Long Was Shakespeare’s Career?

William Shakespeare is one of the most iconic and influential writers of all time, a name synonymous with literature and the theatrical arts. But at what point did he rise to this level of fame and success? How long was his career?

The full scope of Shakespeare’s career is a bit fuzzy, as there is no exact record of when it began and ended. However, scholars have pieced together the general timeline:

Early Career

It is believed that Shakespeare started his career sometime between 1585 and 1592. Between then and 1594, he had written most of his known works, including The Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet.

Height of Fame

From 1594 to 1608, Shakespeare was the primary dramatist for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men – an acting troupe for whom some of his best works were written. During this period, he wrote plays such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and King Lear. This period also included the writing of his famous 154 sonnets.

Retirement and Death

It is believed Shakespeare retired in 1610 or 1613, and died three years later. His death marked the end of his public life and the beginning of his legacy.


Shakespeare’s life and work have been studied and celebrated ever since his death. His works are some of the most performed plays in the world, and they have been translated into numerous languages. His influence can be seen in literature and theatre to this day.

Overall Impact

In total, Shakespeare’s active career spanned about 28 years. During this time, he wrote an estimated 38 plays, two narrative poems, 154 sonnets and various other poem. His work has had an immense impact on literature and theatre, and he is remembered and respected around the world, centuries after his death.

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