how long was michael jordan’s nba career

how long was michael jordan’s nba career

Michael Jordan’s Impeccable NBA Career

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players to ever take the court, left a trail blazing legacy that can never be forgotten in the game of basketball. His legacy of domination spanned 14 years in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Stints In The NBA

Michael Jordan’s two stints in the NBA began in 1984 and ended with his retirement from the Washington Wizards in 2003. Below is a breakdown of the years he spent with each of the teams:

  • Chicago Bulls: 1984-1993 and 1995-1998
  • Washington Wizards: 2001-2003

Achievements During NBA Career

Michael Jordan’s playing career was punctuated by numerous awards and achievements. He won six NBA championships, five NBA regular season MVP awards, ten All-Star game selections, and one WNBA MVP award. He was also named to the All-Defensive Team nine times and was the NBA’s leading scorer a total of ten times during his career.


The impact that Michael Jordan had on the game of basketball will forever be remembered. His illustrious career helped to propel the NBA to greater heights and cemented his place as one of the greatest of all time.

In conclusion, Michael Jordan’s NBA career was a magnificent 14 years in the making, with countless memories and accomplishments that will never be forgotten.

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