how long is wwe 2k18 my career

how long is wwe 2k18 my career

How Long is WWE 2K18 My Career?

Many players are asking how long the My Career mode in WWE 2K18 is, and this guide is here to answer that question.
My Career mode in WWE 2K18 is exceptionally long, and will take most gamers around 25 hours to complete the entire mode.

Getting Started

The first stage of My Career mode in WWE 2K18 is all about creating your Superstar and engaging in a series of cutscenes to build a story around them.

Once you have completed the cutscenes and created your Superstar the real wrestling begins.

Continuing the Journey

Your journey through My Career mode will take you through a number of different matches and storylines across the WWE Universe.

You will progress from NXT to the main roster, wrestle through over 200 matches and draft pick events, and become a WWE Hall of Famer.

Below is a highlights reel of what you can expect in My Career mode:

  • Over 200 matches
  • Draft picks and promotional events
  • From NXT to Main Roster
  • Endurace Chamber and Steel Cage matches
  • Becoming WWE Hall of Fame Inductee

Along the way you will be able to upgrade your Superstar’s attributes, as well as earn a range of rewards that can be used to customize your Superstar’s appearance.

How Long is WWE 2K18 My Career?

In total, if you are fully committed and dedicated to the mode, it can take anything from 25-30 hours to successfully get through the entire My Career mode in WWE 2K18.

This could be longer or shorter depending on the amount of time you invest in the game, but you can roughly budget in 25-30 hours of playtime if you want to complete the mode.

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