how long is the average mlb career

how long is the average mlb career

The Average Length of a MLB Career

The length of a Major League Baseball (MLB) career varies widely and is determined by age, performance, physical abilities, and lifestyle. But on average, players can expect to play in the major leagues between five and seven years.

Factors Impacting the Length of an MLB Career

There are several factors that can impact the length of an MLB career.

  • Age – Younger players tend to have relatively shorter careers, and as players advance in age, injuries may ultimately end their careers.
  • Performance – If a player’s performance decreases, they may be traded, released, or put on waivers.
  • Physicality – Injuries sustained during games or practice can significantly reduce a player’s playing time or end their career.
  • Lifestyle – Players that engage in risky activities or maintain unsatisfactory physical fitness tend to have shorter careers.

Are Some Players Able to Play MLB Longer than an Average Career Length?

While the average career length of players in the MLB is 5-7 years, some players are able to play longer. Players able to consistently perform well, maintain physical shape, and avoid injuries are able to extend their career. Also, players that play multiple positions and offer a variety of skills can increase their market value, allowing them to continue playing.


For the average player in the MLB, the career length is usually between 5-7 years. There are factors, such as age, performance, physicality, and lifestyle, that can impact the length of an MLB career. For those players able to consistently perform well and take care of themselves, they may be able to extend their MLB career.

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