how long is the average basketball career

how long is the average basketball career

The Average Length of a Basketball Player’s Career

Basketball is a sport enjoyed by many around the world. Professional basketball players sometimes have very long and successful careers. But, how long is the average professional basketball player’s career?

Career Length Statistics

According to a study by the National Basketball Association (NBA), the average professional basketball player’s career lasts around 4.8 years. However, the range of career length stats is wide. The shortest NBA careers last a mere two to three months. While the longest last for around 19 years.

Varying Career Lengths

The length of a professional basketball player’s career depends on several factors such as:

  • The player’s physical ability
  • Availability of other opportunities
  • The player’s desire to stay in the game

Physical ability is an important factor in career length. Players who lost their physical capabilities due to injury or age will be the most affected by this.

Attrition rate is also an important factor. Young players often have a higher attrition rate than older players, as players leave the game due to other opportunities or less interest in the sport.


The average career length for a professional basketball player is estimated at around 4.8 years. However, career length can vary due to physical ability, attrition rate, and other opportunities or interests outside of the game.

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