how long is fifa 22 career mode

how long is fifa 22 career mode

What is Fifa 22 Career Mode?

FIFA 22 Career Mode is a popular game mode playable in the FIFA video game franchise. Players take on the role of a manager, who must build and manage a professional football team of real-life players. The ultimate goal is typically to compete for and win championships at the highest levels of competition.

How Long Is FIFA 22 Career Mode?

FIFA 22 Career Mode can be highly varied in terms of length. It all depends on the choices you make in the game, such as the difficulty level, the team you choose or create, and the number of seasons you play. Generally speaking, the game allows you to play up to twenty-five seasons, though the average number of seasons people play is significantly lower.

Factors Affecting the Length of FIFA 22 Career Mode:

  • Difficulty Level: Increasing the difficulty level of the game can make it more challenging and longer-lasting.
  • Team Selection: Players can choose a pre-existing team or create their own based on their preferences. Depending on the difficulty level, a pre-existing team will offer a shorter game while designing an original team could take up more time and offer a longer game.
  • Number of Seasons: The average number of seasons people play is eight, but the game allows for up to twenty-five.

In conclusion, the length of FIFA 22 Career Mode can vary greatly depending on the difficulty level, team selection, and number of seasons played. If you’re looking for a longer game, consider choosing or creating your own team and increasing the difficulty level.

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