how long is a career break

how long is a career break

How Long is a Career Break?

A career break is an intentional, extended interruption in one’s professional career. It can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on personal preference and circumstances. Taking a career break is a great way to invest in your personal development, explore new opportunities, and recharge after a period of intensive work.

Pros of a Career Break

  • Pursue Personal Interests – A career break allows you to spend time exploring your passions and interests, which may provide ideas and inspiration to apply to your professional life upon returning.
  • Gain New Skills – Use your career break to learn a new language, take courses in something you’re interested in, or even pursue an entirely different field entirely.
  • Rest and Recharge – Spending a period of time away from the structure, stress and expectations of the workplace can help you rest, relax, and come back feeling refreshed and ready for a new challenge.

Cons of a Career Break

  • Loss of Momentum – Taking an extended break from work can mean a loss in momentum and require some adjustment when you decide to reenter the job search.
  • Reduced Earning Potential – Your income may take a hit during the break, and you may have to take lower level positions when you re-enter the workforce.
  • Affects Retirement Funds – Delaying contributions to retirement funds can have significant long-term financial ramifications.


A career break can be a rewarding opportunity to invest in your personal development, however, there are potential risks and repercussions to consider. It is important to have regular conversations with your employer prior to taking a break to ensure that both parties are on the same page. Consider these tips and weigh the pros and cons of taking one before making your decision.

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