how long does fifa career mode last

how long does fifa career mode last

How Long Does FIFA Career Mode Last?

FIFA Career Mode is an in-game mode that has become increasingly popular with soccer gamers in recent years. It lets players take control of a team and guide it to success over a long period of time. But just how long does a Career Mode game last?

Factors that Determine the Length of a Career Mode Game

A number of factors will influence the length of a FIFA Career Mode game. These include the difficulty level, how many seasons you wish to play, and the time compression rate you use.

Difficulty Level

Changing the difficulty level of your Career Mode game will have a big effect on the length of the game. As the difficulty level increases, you will be forced to face tougher challenges as you progress. This in turn will require more time and effort on the part of the player, resulting in a longer game duration.

Number of Seasons

The number of seasons you wish to play in Career Mode will also have an impact on the game’s length. The more seasons you play, the longer it will take to complete. Some players choose to go for multiple seasons in order to increase their level of immersion, while others may only wish to play for one season.

Time Compression Rate

Time compression is a handy tool that enables players to speed up the flow of time in FIFA Career Mode. This feature can be useful when going through periods of inactivity, such as waiting for transfers to complete or for matches to take place. However, the higher the time compression rate, the less time will actually be spent playing the game.

How Long Does Career Mode Last?

So, taking into account all of these factors, how long does a FIFA Career Mode game actually last? The answer depends on the particular choices that you make. If you play at a high difficulty level, choose to play multiple seasons, and don’t use time compression, then it is possible for a Career Mode game to last for months or even years.

On the other hand, if you go for a lower difficulty level, only play for one season, and use a high time compression rate, then a Career Mode game may be over in as little as a few hours. In short, the length of your Career Mode game is up to you!


Ultimately, the length of a FIFA Career Mode game can vary significantly depending on the choices you make. To get the most out of the mode, you should consider the difficulty level, number of seasons, and time compression rate that you use. That way, you can create a Career Mode game that lasts as long as you want it to!

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