how long does a modeling career last

how long does a modeling career last

How Long Does a Modeling Career Last?

Many aspiring models think that being a successful model is a fast-track way to fame and fortune. But how long does a modeling career actually last?

Average Modeling Career

The reality is that the average modeling career only lasts 2-5 years. This short career window is due to several factors, including:

  • Age: Models typically start their careers in their teen years and retire by their mid-20s.
  • Competition: With the immense amount of competition Even someone with the “perfect” look can struggle to book a gig.
  • Industry Changes: The modeling industry is always changing, so staying on top of the newest trends and looks can be time-consuming and difficult.

Long-Lasting Modeling Careers

Although the average modeling career is short, there are some models that have enjoyed a long career and can provide insight into how to make one’s career last longer.

  • Explore Different Modeling Types: Specializing in one type of modeling — such as fashion, editorial or commercial — can quickly lead to burnout and decreased demand for your look.
  • Be Multifaceted: Expanding one’s resume to include other skills such as acting and presenting can help increase a modeling career’s longevity.
  • Network: Having a strong network of contacts helps ensure more stability and consistent representation.
  • Stay In Touch: Continually staying in contact with current and potential clients helps keep them updated on your latest projects and looks.

Though a long and lucrative modeling career isn’t always easy to come by, it’s not impossible. By following the tips listed above, models can potentially extend their careers to 10+ years of success and longevity.

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