how does fifa 22 career mode work

how does fifa 22 career mode work

FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 is the latest installment of the long-running EA Sports FIFA video game series. As with all the previous installments, the Career Mode is a popular choice for those who enjoy the ability to manage their own football team over a season or longer. But what exactly is Career Mode, and how does it work?

What is FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Career Mode is a game mode which allows you to take control of a team, both in terms of transfers and on-field strategy, for either a single season or multiple seasons. You can choose to manage a club in a traditional football league or a brand new season in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

How does FIFA 22 Career Mode work?

  1. Choose your Team: You can select any team from the available leagues, including custom teams you’ve created, or join existing clubs already in progress. Once your team is chosen, it’s time to get to work!
  2. Build your Squad: You will be in charge of assembling your team, making transfers, and managing the budgets. When building your squad you can use scouting to identify talent and make decisions on who to sign and who to let go.
  3. Set Tactics: Once you’ve got the players, you can then start to develop your tactical approach. You can pick your formation, set team and individual tactics, set strategies for different scenarios, and more.
  4. Compete: With your team and tactics finalized, you will compete against AI-controlled teams from the leagues in which you compete. In League modes, you will compete against regular opponents to gain points and climb up the tables. In FUT, you will compete to earn rewards and progress towards ranked divisions.
  5. Seasonal Objectives:You can set yourself seasonal objectives for each season, such as winning the league or achieving a certain points total. You will be rewarded for achieving these goals with XP, coins and other rewards.
  6. Track Player Progress: You can also track players’ progress throughout the season – monitoring their stats across each game and season. You will also receive scouting reports that keep you informed of players’ progress.

At the end of the season, you will be awarded trophies and prizes based on your performance. You can then use your winnings to continue to build your team and make more options available to you.


FIFA 22 Career Mode is an excellent way for those who love a good football game to have some tactical and managerial control over their own team. It’s a great way to hone your skills in transfer management, tactical strategy, and overall team-building. Whether you’re a long-time FIFA fan or a novice, FIFA 22 Career Mode provides plenty of challenge, excitement, and fun.

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