how does career karma work

how does career karma work

What is Career Karma?

Career Karma is a tech marketplace platform that connects job-seekers with mentors, coaches, and employers in tech-related fields. Career Karma helps connect job-seekers with an extensive network of mentors who can provide guidance throughout their job search, as well as potential employers who may be looking to hire in the tech industry.

How Does Career Karma Work?

Career Karma provides a comprehensive platform for job-seekers to access the resources they need to succeed in the world of tech. Here’s how it works:

  • Mentors: Mentors offer personalized attention, job search strategies and tech industry advice tailored to your individual needs. They create custom job applications, conduct job searches and evaluate your skills. Career Karma’s mentors also help you land interviews with potential employers and provide feedback throughout the job search process.
  • Tech Coaches: Career Karma’s Tech Coaches are tech professionals with expertise in interviewing, coding, and more. Coaches provide advice and support with job search strategies and can help you identify weaknesses in your tech skills, develop an action plan, and create an impressive résumé.
  • Employers: Career Karma provides access to a network of potential employers in the tech industry who are looking to hire qualified candidates. Not only can you search for job postings, but you can also engage with recruiters and employers on the platform who may be interested in hiring you.

Benefits of Using Career Karma

  • A personalized job search experience tailored to individual needs.
  • Access to a vast network of mentors and tech coaches who can provide advice and resources.
  • Connecting with potential employers who are looking to hire in the tech industry.
  • All in one platform that is easy to use.

Career Karma provides job-seekers with the resources and support they need to find success in the tech industry. Utilizing the platform’s extensive network of mentors, coaches, and employers, job-seekers can streamline their job search and find the job that is the best fit for them.

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