how do you write a career objective

how do you write a career objective

How to write a Career Objective

A career objective is a brief, clear statement of ambition, almost like a brief snapshot of your career ambitions, typically at the start of a resume. It can sometimes be referred to as a professional objective, resume objective or job objective.

In the world of recruiting, a career objective can help employers understand what your goals are and how you may fit in the organization. It should highlight both the skills you have and the setting you want to achive.

The Steps to Writing a Career Objective:

  • Identify Your Goals: Knowing what your goals are will help you decide how to present yourself in your objective statement. Determine what kind of work you’re looking for, and the type of environment you want to work in.
  • Choose the Right Keywords: Look back at the job ad or other positions you’ve held to find keywords related to the job. Use these keywords in your statement to present yourself as the perfect fit for the role.
  • Write Your Statement: Write your career objective from the perspective of the hiring manager in a way that connects the job ad requirements to your abilities. Pick keywords and phrases from the job ad that you can use in your statement.
  • Edit & Proofread: When you finish writing your statement, review it for any errors. Make any necessary changes and then read it out loud. Check for proper grammar and structure.

Keep your objective short but clear, and don’t forget to include relevant industry keywords. Use this as a way to tailor your resume and be sure to include your name and years of experience.

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