how do you start a rap career

how do you start a rap career

How to Start a Rap Career

Rap music is huge right now, and lots of people want to know how to start a rap career. It’s no easy feat, but with some hard work and dedication, it’s possible to make it in the rap game. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

Build Your Brand

You need to build a brand to get your name out there. Develop an online persona, find the right social media platforms, and market yourself as a rapper. You need to invest in branding yourself to make sure people recognize your music.

Create Your Music

You can’t start a rap career without actually making music. Choose a specific style of rap that fits your skills and create tracks. You also need to make sure to record your music, even if you don’t have a studio. You can use home recording software to make high-quality beats and tracks.

Get Out There

It’s not enough to just have music online. You need to get out and promote it in person. Play shows, reach out to promoters and venues, and build relationships with other musicians. The more people you get interested in your music, the more your name will spread.


Networking is a crucial step in starting a rap career. Reach out to people who can open doors for you, like A&R reps, radio personalities, producers, and anyone else who can help you get your music heard. Establish contacts within the industry and use these to get your music out to the public.

Stay Focused and Dedicated

Finally, don’t give up! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it in the rap industry. Don’t forget to stay focused and keep your goals in sight. With enough determination, it’s possible to make it in the rap game.


Starting a rap career isn’t easy, but it’s possible with some hard work and dedication. Invest in branding yourself, create music, get out there, and network to get your name known. Remain focused on your goals and don’t give up, and you can make it in the rap game.

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