how do i start a new career at 45

how do i start a new career at 45

How to start a new career at 45

How To Start A New Career At 45

Changing one’s career can be both intimidating and overwhelming – especially when you’re over 45. There are a lot of things to consider, but before you let fear or worries consume you, it’s important to remember that age shouldn’t be a factor. It’s entirely possible to make a big career change after 45 with the right resources and guidance.

Steps to Starting a New Career:

  1. Assess – Take an honest assessment of your current skill set, interests, and career goals.
  2. Network – Meet and connect with people, both online and in person, in your desired field.
  3. Reframe – Reimagine your work experience and education in terms of the career you’re interested in.
  4. Update – Update and refresh your resume, professional qualifications, and social media profiles.
  5. Start – Take the plunge, whether it’s enrolling in classes, leveraging volunteer opportunities, or actively seeking job opportunities.

Tactics to Consider:

  • Get Educated – Your experience matters, but it’s important to back up your skills and knowledge with a degree or certification program relevant to your new career. It’s helpful to research degrees and certifications online.
  • Talk to a Coach – Working with a coach can help to clarify your career goals and vision; they can also provide resources and insight. This often includes helping you with your ability to stand out from the competition.
  • Join a Group – Check to see if there are any local organizations or meetup groups related to your career that you can join. Just attending events can pave the way for valuable connections.
  • Be Confident – Focus on your successes, not your age. Do your best to ignore any doubts or worries you may have about your ability to succeed because of your age, and highlight how your experience is an asset.

Whether you’re looking to make a complete career change, re-enter the workforce after a hiatus, or expand your current job search, it’s never too late to find the right career path. With the right resources and guidance, it’s possible to reinvent yourself and set yourself up for a more fulfilling career – regardless of your age.

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