how do i start a career in voice overs

how do i start a career in voice overs

How to Launch a Voice Over Career

Voice overs are used for a wide range of roles, from commercial radio advertising to movie narrators. With such an expansive array of uses, it’s no wonder why a career in Voice Overs can be an attractive option for many people. If you’re considering a career in voice over, here are some steps you can take to launch your career.

Get Professional Training

Before launching a career in voice overs, it’s necessary to receive formal training. You’ll learn the fundamental tools to make your Voice Over work stand out from the rest. Look for a professional acting or voice over class to get the skills and knowledge you need to excel. Alternatively, look for online resources to help sharpen your skills.

Build Your Portfolio

Compiling a portfolio of your best work will be instrumental in getting new projects and building your reputation as a voice actor. Try to diversify your portfolio and showcase your range as well as skills in character voices and accents. Take the time to make sure all your recordings sound professional before submitting them to potential employers.

Create Your Own Demo Reel

Armed with your professional training and wise portfolio, you can now create your own demo reel to showcase your vocal talents. Once done, use it to show potential clients to get the projects you want. However, make sure to update your reel regularly to show your current range of skills.

Start Networking

Networking is an essential part of any successful career and Voice Over is no different. Join Voice Over professionals through social media, conferences, or meetups. You’ll gain invaluable insights that will help you build a successful career.

Get Projects and Keep Enhancing Your Skills

As you network and apply for projects, start to gain experience and practice your skills. Remember to be proactive — actively look for Voice Over opportunities, staying aware of any advancement in the industry. Lastly, be sure to take any constructive feedback and use it to refine your craft.

Launching a successful career in Voice Overs will require hard work, practice and a good network. But with dedication, you can make it a thriving career.

Good luck!

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