how do i start a career in voice overs

how do i start a career in voice overs

How to Begin a Career in Voice Overs

Voice overs are used in a variety of contexts, from TV and radio ads to phone systems and video games. As such, there is great demand for people with the skills, talent, and knowledge to provide quality voice overs. Here are a few tips on how to start your career as a voice over artist:

1. Develop Your Voice

A career as a voice over artist requires excellent vocal control. You must be able to adjust your voice to achieve the desired sound, emotion, and emphasis. Consider taking vocal lessons to expand your range and further hone your acting skills.

2. Record Your Voice

Start recording short and simple voice overs, such as children’s stories, poems, and commercials. This will help you gain more confidence and allow you to practice and refine your style. As you gain experience your recordings will become more accurate, leading to better performance and higher-quality products.

3. Build Your Profile

Create a profile as a voice over artist and distribute it through social media, websites, and other channels. Also, create an audio demo reel and make it available to potential clients. This will help you attract new offers and begin to establish yourself as a professional voice over artist.

4. Connect With the Right People

Voice over performances are often the result of careful collaboration with directors, sound engineers, and other professionals in the industry. Identify the people that are involved in voice over, and stay connected to them. Joining organizations, participating in seminars and conferences, and building relationships are all important steps to break into the business.

5. Never Stop Learning

Continuously strive to refine your skills and improve your craft. Read books, listen to audio clips, and sign up for online and offline courses. This will help you stay ahead of competitors, become a more desirable candidate, and achieve greater success.


Developing a successful voice over career takes self-discipline, hard work, and patience. If you’re willing to put in the work and hone your skills, you have the potential to open many doors for yourself. Follow the tips mentioned above, focus on your goals, and be determined to make your dreams a reality.

Good luck!

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