how do i start a career in logistics

how do i start a career in logistics

Starting a Career in Logistics: A Step-By-Step Guide

Any career in logistics starts with a solid foundation of understanding the field. Logistics can be broadly defined as being the planning and organization of the resources, personnel and management of processes or systems within a supply chain management system. With that being said, to start your career in logistics you need to follow these steps:

1. Get an Understanding of the Profession

A career in logistics requires a thorough understanding of the industry and the various roles. You need to have a keen understanding of the terminology, the different aspects of the supply chain, and the various job positions and responsibilities that come with each role. You should also familiarize yourself with the types of tasks such as inventory management, order processing and shipping.

2. Obtain the Relevant Education & Qualifications

Most logistics positions require some form of higher education in fields like business, logistics, or supply chain management. Many universities offer degree programs related to the field as well as other professional qualifications you can obtain that demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities. To gain an edge in the job market, you may also want to consider completing certifications or industry-related courses.

3. Network and Gain Experience

Networking is a key component of starting a career in logistics. You should use this time to make connections with those already in the industry and build relationships that may help you down the line. Additionally, seeking out internships or volunteer opportunities in the field will give you the hands-on experience you need to help make yourself more attractive to employers.

4. Master the Technology

Given the globalized nature of the supply chain system, technology skills are essential for any successful logistics professional. It is important to understand the systems and software required to manage and optimize the entire process. You should also understand how to use the data to track operations and make strategic decisions.

5. Develop Your Leadership Skills

As you progress in your career, you will need to master certain soft skills to manage people and be a successful leader. You will need to learn how to communicate effectively and develop the necessary problem-solving capabilities to get the job done. Additionally, you will need to be confident and have the ability to take charge in difficult situations.


Starting a career in logistics requires a comprehensive understanding of the field, as well as the necessary qualifications, experience, and skills to be successful. It is important to educate oneself, build a network of contacts, master the necessary technology, and develop leadership abilities to excel in the logistics industry. With the right tools and a commitment to excellence, a career in logistics presents a rewarding opportunity.

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