how do i know my future career

how do i know my future career

How do I know my future career?

Deciding on a future career can be a daunting prospect and you may feel like you are unsure how to go about choosing the right one. Here are some helpful tips to know your future career:

1. Understand Your Personality

Gaining an understanding of who you are and what motivates you is the first step in selecting a career. Consider the following elements when thinking about your personality:

  • Interests and hobbies: What activities do you enjoy?
  • Values: What is important to you?
  • Strengths and skills: What are your natural skills?
  • Motivations: What intrigues you?

By assessing your personality, you will be able to narrow down which types of professions will suit you best.

2. Research and Network

It is important to properly research the career field that you are interested in and to get advice from other people who work in the field. Take part in relevant work experience and job-shadowing programs. Reach out to contacts in the industry and ask them about their experiences.

3. Test it Out

If you are serious about a certain career, it may be helpful to test it out. Take up an internship or a volunteer role in the industry that you are interested in. This will give you hands-on experience and will help you decide whether the job suits you or if you would be better off going in another direction.

4. Good Decision-Making

It is important to assess your decision carefully before jumping into a career. Make sure that you do your research and think through the various pros and cons that are associated with each career options to ensure that you make the best decision.


Knowing your future career requires insight into what drives you and your interests, a few networking contacts and the right decision-making skills. Following the above steps will help you gain a better understanding of which path is right for you.

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