how did the pandemic affect your career goals


How the Pandemic Affected My Career Goals

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 had a massive effect on me, both personally and professionally. My career goals were something that I was especially worried about. As an aspiring professional in the tech industry, I was faced with a lot of new obstacles and I had to adjust to a quickly evolving job market.

Adjusting Goals

The most immediate obstacle that I had to face was the lack of opportunities due to the sudden shift to remote working. This was something that was completely out of my control, and something I had to consider when I was creating and evaluating new career goals. I didn’t want to completely forgo my initial goals, but I felt it was necessary to adjust them to become something more realistic given the new circumstances.

Changes to the Job Market

The pandemic also brought a lot of changes to the job market as a whole. Companies were unsure of how to pivot in the new world, and the competition for available jobs drastically increased. In addition, many prospective employers were focused on skills related to remote working, like communication, problem solving and adaptability.

Developing New Skills

In order to succeed in the new job market, I had to focus on developing the skills required for remote working. I completed a number of online courses, both paid and unpaid, to make myself more competitive for positions. I also reached out to professionals in the industry for networking advice, and spent a lot of time honing my resume and making sure that I was up to date on the latest technologies and trends.

Reassessing Career Goals

Overall, the pandemic has forced me to reassess my career goals. I have developed a more realistic outlook, based on the sudden shift to remote working and the changes to the job market. With the skills developed and honed during this difficult time, I am feeling much more confident in my abilities and believe I am better prepared to reach my professional goals.

Key Takeaways

    • Adjusting goals: The sudden shift to working remotely forced me to adjust my career goals to become more realistic.


    • Changes to the job market: The pandemic brought a number of changes to the job market, including increased competition and focus on remote working skills.


    • Developing new skills: To be successful in the new job market, I had to focus on skills related to remote working, like communication and problem solving.


      • Reassessing career goals: Despite these challenges, I have developed a new outlook on my professional goals that I feel more confident in.


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