how did taylor lautner ruin his career

how did taylor lautner ruin his career

How did Taylor Lautner Ruin His Career?

Taylor Lautner became a household name for his roles in the Twilight Saga, but his success soon became his undoing. Here are just a few of the ways Taylor Lautner ruined his career.

Taking on Too Many Roles

Taylor Lautner’s career seemed to be on the rise after starring in Twilight, but he soon began to overextend himself, taking on too many roles. This resulted in him being typecast as the same character in each movie, which caused fatigue among viewers and hurt his reputation.

Focusing on Action Films

Rather than expanding his boundaries, Taylor Lautner began to focus on action films. While he did receive some critical acclaim for his role in Abduction, his subsequent roles in action films were generally poorly received, reflecting poorly on his career overall.

Neglecting His Acting

Rather than honing his acting skills, Taylor Lautner chose to focus on his body, resulting in him becoming known more as a “hunk” than an actor. This also caused him to be typecast in certain roles, further damaging his career.

Negative Publicity

In addition to his filmography, Taylor Lautner was often the subject of negative publicity, ranging from alleged Twitter feuds to public breakups with high-profile girlfriends. This created an atmosphere of negativity around the actor, and helped ruin his once-promising career.


Ultimately, Taylor Lautner ruined his career by taking on too many roles, focusing on action films, neglecting his acting, and receiving negative publicity. With a little bit of self-reflection and hard work, however, it’s possible that he could turn his career around and start being successful once again.

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