how did mel gibson ruin his career


How did Mel Gibson Ruin His Career?

Since coming onto the public’s radar with the release of Mad Max, Mel Gibson has been well known as both an actor and a director. Nevertheless, his earlier successes have been overshadowed due to multiple incidents of alleged antisocial behavior, religious intolerance, and worse. Here is a look at some ways Gibson may have ruined his career:

Insensitive Remarks and Alleged Racist Behavior

In 2006, Mel Gibson was alleged to have made anti-Semitic remarks while intoxicated after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Soon after, audio recordings emerged in which Gibson allegedly could be heard making various offensive remarks including sexist, racist and homophobic comments. After the controversy erupted, Gibson apologized for his remarks, but many of his colleagues and industry partners never forgave him for his comments.

Criminal Convictions

Gibson was convicted of misdemeanor drunk-driving in August 2006. He was sentenced to three years of probation, ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and pay fines. Despite a public apology from Gibson, the incident damaged the actor’s reputation and image significantly.

Accusations of Domestic Abuse

In 2010, Gibson was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery against his then girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. The incident was highly publicized, with reports of Gibson’s alleged abuse of Grigorieva while they were still together. Although Gibson was ultimately cleared of the charges and his lawyers released a statement saying he was innocent, the incident further tarnished his reputation.

Poor Box Office Performance

Gibson’s most recent cinematic offering, Hacksaw Ridge was set to be his comeback movie, but it failed to make much of an impact at the box office. This may have been due to Gibson’s public persona, as well as his controversial personal life. Gibson’s reputation may have caused many people to avoid his movies, resulting in a poorer-than-expected box office performance.


Mel Gibson has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for many years, but his career has recently been overshadowed by multiple incidents of alleged antisocial behavior, religious intolerance and criminal convictions. Gibson has attempted to make a comeback with Hacksaw Ridge, but his poor box office performance may be due to the tarnishing of his reputation. All of these incidents suggest that Gibson may have ruined his career.

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